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In a village, everyone knows each other. Communication is usually face to face, and there is little privacy. In towns, like Punggol, which are much more densely populated, it is much more difficult to be friendly to people you see on the streets. You can't go around smiling at people and say "Hi", unless you are a cute baby, or you are a celebrity. Okay, you probably can.. but the response will most likely be a blank stare. It is not possible to know everyone in Punggol, therefore the solution is to know no one.

Increasing, communication goes through email (everyone can get free email addresses), instant messengers like ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, Google Talk. Even family members send SMS to each other, when they are all present, and in the same house in Punggol.. but just different rooms.

People feel safe when they are semi anonymous, and there is privacy. Don't wish to talk? Just logoff. No confrontation required. The need to express our views is so great that Singaporeans create blogs, and post our daily lives and views on line for everyone to see. We have a section on blogs.. blogs of people living in, working in or people who just want to talk about Punggol. If you have a blog, and want to get listed, please send an email.

And for the rest of us in Punggol who don't have blogs.. we have forums.. please register, to access the forum pages of Punggol .sg (Your Punggol Community Forum). After registration, you get access to:

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