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Submitted Articles
What's happening in Punggol North on a bright Sunday morning.
11th March 07

I have been living in Punggol North for the past few years. Normally Sunday is a rest day and most people tend to sleep a little late. This morning, I happen to wake up a bit earlier and went for a jog around our little town.

What I saw surprised me. In an open field next to Block 128, I saw hundredths of residents, dressed in red, colour similar to our Singapore flag, exercising and demonstrating "tai qi" in tandem with recorded music from a tape recorder. I watched for a while and decided to run back home for a camera to capture the event and to follow the group. The participants came from various walks of life and community. Very young from 5 or 6 years old to senior citizens from 50 to almost 80 years old. Wheel-chair bounds can also be seen.

When I return with my camera, the sea of red was already marching along Punggol Field road, passed Meridian LRT station. Leaders carrying red-flags were seen at traffic junctions stopping and guiding participants towards Block 196 function hall. I was told our MP miss Penny Low will be addressing the crowd. It was heartening to know our MP also wakes up early to join Punggol residents.

Residents walking passed Meriden LRT station towards Econ. Behind Econ is the Function Hall where the residents will meet our MP miss Penny Low.

At 9.10 AM, residents started to arrive steadily at the Function Hall. The function was well planned. Outside the Function Hall at one end, chinese food was neatly display on a long table. There was "fried bee-hoon, fish balls, chicken wings and nasi lemak". Next to it, an old woman about 85 years old was serving coffee and tea. Directly opposite, there was muslim food, maned by our muslim friends. The curry, mee-goreng and mee-rebus looked delicious. In between there was an expert calligrapher writing chinese characters on red paper. I was told later he will give a speech on health matters in mandarin.

Delicious bee-hoon, chicken wings, fish balls and nasi lemak are served.

Showing muslim delicacies.

Coffee and Tea corner. I was told this 85 years old woman was a coffee-stall owner in her younger days. She said happily, "oh this is my job" "I like doing it". I'll serve that old man later, pointing to an old lonely man sitting a few metres away.

Hello, Hello please get a seat at the hall, our MP will addressed us.

Our MP addressed the gatherings and introduced Miss Rebecca, a lawyer by profession, very busy but still find time working very hard to serve Punggol North residents. We must say, "a big big thank you". Next she introduce a very prominent figure "Ah Heng", jokingly means a very lucky man. This man is now building our temporary community centre in one of the ground floor blocks. He is also responsible to look for SGD 2 million for a proposed new Punggol North Community Club. All of us should assist him the best we can.

ITE Edusave Merit Bursary Award Presentation :-- Seated on the front 2 rows were recipients of the awards.

When is my turn coming? I have been waiting for the whole morning.

The next item on the list is the "lucky-draw" session. Everybody waited eagerly for the different prizes and hoping for a win. The top prize goes to the youngest participant and she brought home a toaster.

OPPS! make use of the toaster as a coffee table first………

Happy? Of course… I won the first prize.

The morning gathering comes to an end after the health talk given by the expert. In future it is always wise to wake up early on Sundays, walk around Punggol North to catch future events by the various Punggol North Grassroot organizations.

Other pictures :-

Not to worry, no table and chairs, squat also can.

Eat more to gain strength to serve the people.

Wait, wait for your turn please. Courtesy counts.

Wow… got a certificate for my contribution.

Here you are… thank you for coming.

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